IKFK Solver & Animatable Pivot, Rigging Video Tutorial

I have been talking about this tutorial for several months, and now finally i can publish it. this 29 minutes length video covers the implementation of the ikfk solver and the animatable pivot constraint in the rigging process of a character, with these new tools the creation of a character setup becomes a faster process, besides of all the several advantages that they provide. It shows how to create a rig with control objects, reverse foot with animatable pivot and it explains several features about the ikfk solver.


7 Responses to “IKFK Solver & Animatable Pivot, Rigging Video Tutorial”

  1. Miguel Á. says:

    Hola Felix Joleanes muchas, muchas gracias por mandar un nuevo tutorial sobre el tema IKFKSolver & Animatable Pivot, Rigging Video Tutorial y 2 ejemplos de Guy.zip y Guy_final.zip y que sigas iluminado hacia el cielo a todos del mundo maravilloso en 3ds max…

    Saludos Miguel Á…

  2. Miguel Á. says:

    Hola Felix Joleanes me gustaria que hicieras el nuevo tutorial del tema ikfksolver & animatable pivot, rigging
    haora en español para entenderlo un poco mejor ok.

    Saludos Miguel Á…

  3. lala says:

    thanks for great work and then sharing it with such nice documentation / explanation.
    btw: i have seen your physics experimentation and that is great too, incase you wanted to write more tutorials, please write on that subject.

  4. Josh Purple says:

    Outstanding! Your work, scripts, plugins, and Tutorial videos are BRILLIANT :) !

    Thank You very much, I sincerely appreciate it.

  5. Felix says:

    thanks for comment :D , did you find any problem by doing the tutorial?, if you have any question don’t hesitate to comment that.

  6. Thepopol777 says:

    Thanks for this tut’s. By the way do not forget to edit your “copyright 2009″ at the bottom of your page :P
    And I’m still waiting ( hardly ) for a Procedural spider animation tutorial ;)
    good Job

  7. Revel says:

    Hi Felix, glad i found your website and very much thanks for the plugins, really make rigging process FUN!..and also for the good tutorial.

    Btw, I downloaded the Guy_final.max and checked the completed rig, but I don’t get it how you set up the hip, spines, neck, and head control object. The corresponding bones didn’t have parent-child relation to the control objects nor the position/ orientation constraint. Do you care to share about how you set up that part a little bit more?..I’m new to rigging a character, so doesn’t really know the more depth techniques. Thank you very much.