It’s not wrestling, it’s Lucha Libre

The project that has been developed for the last year and a half in Immersion Games is almost finished, i have been working there as animator and technical artist, doing scripts and a lot of unreal kismet programing for cinematics. It was a fun project because all the research that has to be done to understand the culture behind the wrestling in mexico, and i found that it is more interesting that i thought, now i can see why all the people there enjoy the show and admire their wrestling stars.

The trailer of Lucha Libre AAA Heroes del Ring is available to watch, check it out! (Click Image).

AAA Heroes del ring

One Response to “It’s not wrestling, it’s Lucha Libre”

  1. Miguel Á. says:

    Hola F. J. Pues yo como mexicano la verdad no me gustan las luchas porque es otro nivel de pensamiento. Y
    la verdad es totalmente original hecho por mexicanos y
    estan demostrando su talento y la cultura que tiene México ay diferencia entre USA y México y
    la verdad ay más espetaculo en México que en USA.
    No creas, en USA se la pasan hablando y nada de acción y en México al contrario hay Acción…

    Saludos Miguel Á…